Pirates' Cove Adventure

Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st September

Pirates' Cove Adventure info

Pirates' Cove Adventure

Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st September

Shiver Yer Timbers!!! And head on down to the farm this Summer!!!

Avast, me hearties! Set your compass for Attwell Farm Park and prepare for the swashbuckling event of the year, the Pirates' Cove Adventure! From Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st September, the farm transforms into a haven for scallywags and buccaneers alike.

In the treacherous depths of Pirate Cove, a world of daring exploits awaits ye! Test yer mettle as ye Walk the Plank, face yer marksmanship at Tin Can Alley, and unleash yer inner artist at the Pirate Craft Workshop. But that's not all! Behold the spectacle of the Bouncing Stilt Pirate, defying gravity with every leap.

Hark! Look to the horizon, for the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow (Lookalike) shall grace us with his presence, accompanied by his loyal pirate crew. Prepare to interact with the captain and unravel tales of high-seas adventure!

But hold fast, for even a mermaid shall grace us with their ethereal presence. Delight in a mermaid meet and greet, where mythical tales come to life before yer very eyes.

And there's more treasure to be found! Gaze upon the mighty Pirate ship and experience the life of a pirate firsthand.

Avast ye! Don't forget that access to the farm park itself be included in yer ticket.
Discover over 80 extraordinary creatures, from mischievous alpacas to the awe-inspiring World's largest spider! Unleash yer inner adventurer in our indoor and outdoor play zones, where giant jumping pillows will send ye soaring sky high. And if ye have a soft spot for adorable critters, prepare for heartwarming moments that'll melt even the toughest pirate's heart.

Attwell Farm Park promises a treasure trove of experiences for all ye landlubbers, from wee ones to seasoned pirates. Set sail with us and create memories that'll be cherished for a lifetime. Don't miss the Pirates' Cove Adventure – an adventure that'll shiver yer timbers and leave ye yearning for more!

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