Indoor Soft Play Centre

Come Visit our Giant Indoor Soft Play Centre in Worcestershire

Visit Our Giant Indoor Soft Play

One of the Largest Indoor Soft Play Centres in Redditch, Worcestershire

Looking for a place to take the kids to burn of some energy?? Look no further than our Giant Indoor soft play centre! With three levels of climbing, bouncing, and sliding fun, your kids will be exhausted after a day at our play centre. And don't worry, adults are welcome to join in on the fun too! So, head on down to the farm for a day of fun that the whole family will enjoy!

Open seven days a week, our Giant Indoor soft play centre will give you the well-earned chance to relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee & a bite to eat, while your little ones let loose climbing, bouncing, and sliding their way through the day.

We have three areas of Fun for different age ranges:

1. The Giant Indoor Soft Play Area

2. The Toddler Soft Play Area

3. The Under 2's Soft Play Area

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Indoor Soft Play
Indoor Soft Play 2
Soft play 3
Soft play 4

The Giant Indoor Soft Play Area

This jaw-dropping indoor play area could keep the little ones busy for days on end! It is suitable for kids Under 12 years old

indoor soft play area large
Indoor Soft Play 2
Running in play
Soft play 4
Soft play 3
running course

Toddler Soft Play Area

Perfect for children under 5 years old including the Sensory Tunnel

Under 2 Soft play Area

Perfect for children 0-2 years old

Under 2 Play
Farmer oscar

The Sensory Tunnel

sensory play
sensory play 2
sensory play 3
sensory play 4



For your safety we have the following Rules of Play which must be observed at all times:

Please ensure that all adults in your group are aware of the Rules of Play.

We do not provide or accept responsibility for the supervision of children on the premises.

  • Children must be always supervised by a parent or guardian
  • Children must not be left unaccompanied on the premises
  • Parents & Guardians are responsible for the behaviour of children in their care
  • Parents & Guardians are responsible for assessing the suitability of the equipment provided for
  • children in their care and the ability of those children to use it.
  • The toddler area is for children up to 4 years of age only
  • Adults are not permitted to play on the equipment
  • Adults are permitted onto the play equipment for the sole purpose of accompanying children, In their care only
  • Only one person per slide lane at any one time
  • Ensure the person in front has cleared the bottom of the slide before descending
  • When descending the slide(s) do so in a sitting position with arms crossed
  • Do not stand, climb, walk, or run or stop midway down on the slides
  • Do not play in front of or at the bottom of the slides
  • We recommend that children wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid friction burns
  • Do not climb on the netting or the play frame
  • Shoes must be removed before using the play equipment
  • Socks must be always worn
  • Clothing with ropes cords and toggles must not be worn in the play area
  • All jewellery (including ear studs) / watches, keys, keychains, coins, and sharp objects Including badges or the alike to be removed before entering the play area.
  • Clothing should not have any hard or sharp points (buckles, studs, toggles or the alike)
  • Remove all items from your pockets
  • No phones or cameras on the play equipment
  • No toys to be taken in the play areas
  • No food, drink, sweets or chewing gum is allowed on any of the play equipment
  • Do not use the play equipment if wearing any form of plaster cast
  • Any damage to play equipment must be reported to a member of staff whether deliberate, or accidental
  • Report any accident or injury to a member of staff to be recorded in our accident book
  • Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment
  • No running
  • No wrestling, tackling, or shoving
  • Parents/guardians must always accompany children to the toilets
  • Shoes must be worn when visiting the toilets

Toddler Area

  • Standard Rules of Play apply
  • Only children up to 4 years of age are permitted to play on this equipment

Baby Area

  • Standard Rules of Play apply
  • Only children up to 2 years of age are permitted to play on this equipment