Sustainability & Conservation

Let the children explore our sustainable future

Sustainability & Conservation

Sustainability & Conservation is important here at Attwell Farm Park and we are always try to find a sustainable route to doing our bit for the environment. Our three-generation family have been farming in Beoley, Worcestershire since 1963. We want to make sure we leave behind a better ecosystem for the 4th, 5th, and future generations to come.

Attwell Farm Park is and always has been 100% committed to making a positive impact, and over the coming months and years, we want to get as close as we can to achieve net-zero for a livestock farm.

Below are some of the ways in which we have made changes to ensure we are a sustainable organisation:

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Solar Panel
Spreading Muck
Sustainable travel to the farm

Sustainable travel to the farm

- In 2020 we installed 6 EV Charging points for Cars to encourage more sustainable travel.

- Alongside the EV Charging points, we provide company EV cars to long-term full-time members of the team as part of a benefit program to benefit the person but also the environment.

- We take part in the Mode shift Stars sustainable travel plan program and have been awarded GREEN level. Encouraging our team & visitors to car share, walk or cycle to work.

- Since 2020 We have installed Bicycle parking at the farm for those looking to enjoy a bike ride here. There are plenty of public paths to get here if you check the local council website for footpaths etc. as an incentive If you do cycle, please speak to a member of our ticket office team for a Free coffee when you do so.

Waste Disposal & Recycling

Waste Disposal & Recycling

- We try to recycle all waste at the Farm, from Packaging to Food waste. Any leftover food waste from our coffee shop gets sorted and used in several ways. Firstly, we let the team take home and items that will not be used the next day, who doesn’t like a free dinner?!

- We can also feed some of the animals where safe to do, which cuts down a lot of our food waste. This then goes onto produce manure for us to spread on our land. Manure is put back on the land to replenish the soil’s nutrient levels and organic matter.

- We made the conscious decision back in May 2022 to start using a local producer of Biodegradable food packaging (BioPak) As biodegradable products break down naturally, they eventually decompose and are consumed by soil and other natural components.

- Coming later this year (2022) Education is one of our key factors at the farm and will be building up a wormery to show children the process of natural waste breakdown using worms. Worm Farms are great for the environment, helping to reduce the methane produced by the natural breakdown of food waste.

On the Farm

A Day On the Farm

- We buy local wherever possible, using locally produced food and local suppliers, as well as home-cooking as much as possible to cut down on our carbon footprint.

- As a working farm we produce some of our own produce where we can and sell it in the farm shop or Coffee shop.

- We’ve invested in huge solar PV panels at the farm that power the entire farm. We made a conscious decision a few years ago to move all our business to the electric, so the entire farm will soon be run on totally renewable energy

- Following on from a Visit Worcestershire networking meet, where we met with other worcestershire businesses. We found out some great tips on becoming more sustainable as a business, from Seperating our used coffee beans for fertiliser to condiment dispensing. One of the biggest savers we found was the recommendation to use a local packaging producer, called Biopak. who now produce and supply all our Biodegrable packaging for all our food produce. this was a huge benefit to our carbon footprint.

- We’ve recently started a Dry Mix Recycling program to separate all our cans, tin and plastic packaging

- Any out of farm meetings or travelling is done in our EV cars apart from moving livestock. We will invest in a EV 4x4 once the technology is there that can offer longer milage and trailer pulling capability.

Tree Planting & Management

Tree Planting & Land Management

We farm over 200 acres in Beoley, Worcestershire, including pastureland, woodlands, Wild flowers & natural ponds. We have a diverse mix of landscape to maintain with wildlife at the heart of our ambition.

Since May 2022 we have planted over 5000 Trees and other plants to boost existing hedgerows on the farm park, you can see these growing today on our paddock walk. the aim has been to rejuvenate older hedges that have been coppiced and gaps filled with new planting around the farm to provide valuable wildlife corridors and to broaden our boundaries to boost biosecurity and protect for our animals.

We aim to plant more trees during the planting season to provide more shade for our livestock and better biodiversity in the farm park grounds.

Muck Spreading - All our Manure is put back on the land to replenish the soil’s nutrient levels and organic matter. so that we can feed our animals throughout the seasons.