Encounter Amazing Animals at Our Petting Farm

Welcome to Attwell Farm Park, a unique petting farm where nature, fun, and education combine. At our petting farm, you'll get up close and personal with a wide range of friendly animals, experiencing the joy of nature in a safe, engaging environment. Explore our petting farm, home to diverse species and the ultimate petting farm experience. Get hands-on with our lovable animals and enjoy educational, family-friendly activities.

Guinea Pig In a Box of Hay
Two Ferrets Looking Into the Camera
Cute Little Rabbit Sitting on Hay
Petting Farm - Why Visit Attwell Farm Park

Why Visit Attwell Farm Park

Attwell Farm Park is not your average petting farm. We offer a diverse selection of animals and an exceptional range of activities that sets us apart from other farm parks. Experience heartwarming interactions with our animals, enjoy picturesque nature walks, and leave with newfound knowledge and unforgettable memories.

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Visit our booking page for details on opening hours and ticket availability. We prioritise the safety of our guests and our animals, so be sure to review our guidelines before your visit.

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Meet Our Diverse Family of Animals at the Petting Farm

Embark on an animal adventure at our petting farm. From "Harry the Donkey" and "Elma the Horse" to our quail, chickens, and peacocks, you'll meet a myriad of friendly creatures during your visit. Learn about "Sonic the Hedgehog," pet the soft fur of our Miniature Horses, and watch our ducks and geese glide across the pond. Each animal at our petting farm has a unique story, and we can't wait for you to meet them all!

Special Animal Handling Experience at Attwell Farm Park

Immerse yourself in our "Meet the Rabbit, Meet the Guinea Pigs, Meet the Ferrets, and Meet the Chickens" activities. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, you'll get to handle rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chickens, learning about their behavior, diet, and care. Our animal handling experience not only provides an unforgettable interaction but also fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of these incredible creatures.

Two Miniature Ponies
White Goat With Horns Eating Hay
Two Fluffy Sheep Showing Each Other Affection

Petting and Feeding Our Animals

You'll find the joy of interacting with our animals is unmatched. Safely pet and feed a variety of animals from our Pygmy Goats to our Aberdeen Angus Cattle. Our clear and informative 'safe to pet/feed' signs ensure a safe experience for both our visitors and our beloved animals.

Educational Benefits of Visiting Our Petting Farm

Attwell Farm Park is a natural classroom where children can learn about animal behavior, environmental conservation, and sustainable farming practices. Our interactive petting farm activities make learning fun and engaging, fostering a sense of empathy and respect for animals and nature.

Reviews From Our Visitors

We're proud to share the heartwarming stories and wonderful experiences of visitors who have enjoyed their time at Attwell Farm Park. Hear from families who've made precious memories, school groups who've had educational field trips, and countless visitors who've been inspired by our animals and nature walks.

We love coming here with the kids!


We love coming here with the kids! Lovely staff, all very friendly, you can get close to the animals and feed lots of them by hand, especially the goats and sheep. They even have pygmy goats which are incredibly cute (wish they were kept separate from the larger goats as they get pushed to the side by the bigger ones when you want to feed them!). I got spat on by a llama which I guess is a right of passage in a farm so I'm not holding any grudges haha

Indoor areas with even more animals and an amazing rabbit play area where you can pet some of the animals while staff hold them. Reindeer and donkeys, horses and different huge pigs. Lots for the kids to see. The indoor and outdoor play areas are absolutely amazing and loads of seating for parents to relax while the kids burn themselves out. The outdoor giant inflatable hill pillow things (beat description I could come up with!) were so much fun and everyone got on to have a bounce. The kids had a wonderful time (yesterday was our fourth visit) and I'm sure we'll be back x - Narjice Al-kabi Basaran

There is plenty to do at this farm!


There is plenty to do at this farm with so many different parts to see. You have the outdoor part where there are goats and cows and plenty other animals even little ducks to feed and stroke along with a play area so nice and spacious and clean ! 

Inside you have a very good sized play frame with a cafe which really has got decent food on offer and a ice cream bar. They have a petting farm and even an insect area with an expert and workers all over the farm who are really helpful and knowledgeable in their field. This is place is super clean as really impressed with how much they have actual have for children Such a great day out !

Defo would recommend. - Inas Ahmed

WELL worth the money!


We bought 4 x summer holiday passes for Attwell Farm and it was WELL worth the money. We came about 10 times during the summer and if it was up to the kids we would have visited more! It's the cleanest and best soft play, my children love it. It's also the only softplay I feel it's safe enough to let my baby play in!

Since the summer we have visited a further 2 times. More recently, the food menu has increased and the food quality is amazing. I highly recommend trying a brownie and the sassy coffee on offer is so good! We have, on occasion, purchased a pizza to eat for dinner when we get home too, winner!! The animals are very well kept and friendly. I love how there are often changes to the animals and activities. It means you can get a new experience every few months! Already can't wait for our next visit ? - Sophie Williams

Directions and Accessibility

Located in the heart of Redditch, Attwell Farm Park is easily accessible via public transportation or by car. We've also made sure our farm park is accessible for all, with facilities designed to accommodate visitors with various needs.


A day at Attwell Farm Park is more than a visit to a petting farm; it's a delightful experience filled with wonder, learning, and loads of fun. We can't wait to welcome you and your family to meet our animals and enjoy all the activities we have to offer. Book your visit today!

Small animal petting sessions are held twice a day. Please check with the park for specific timings upon arrival. We hold one morning session around 10am and one afternoon session around 2pm.

Yes! Some animals can be fed by visitors, while a small number can not, due to dietry requirements.. Follow the signage posted throughout the park for information on which animals can be fed and which ones should be approached with caution.

Our visitors are welcome to enjoy our pedal tractors and we offer coin-operated tractors as well. Families can have a delightful picnic on our picnic benches while their little ones explore the indoor and outdoor play areas. We also have Dennis our Full sized fire engine for the kids to play in and pretend to be fireman sam.

Although Booking is not essential during non-Peak times, We recommend you book online to 100% guarantee your entry, especially if you’re visiting in the future. We sometimes hit capacity during peak times, so to avoid any dissapointment we reccomend book before your visit.

You will mainly need to book online for special events such as Half Terms, Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays, Halloween & Christmas. It is always best to check the website bookings online or social media pages for updates.

Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs around the farm park.

Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the site.

Once inside you can stay all day

please check our opening times for the day of your visit