Height & Weight

Pigs usually weigh between 300 and 700 lbs. (140 and 300 kilograms); Pigs have an overall height of 20.0”-38.0” | 51-97 cm and body length of 35.0”-71.0” | .9-1.8 m.

Sleep & Food

Pigs snuggle close to one another and prefer to sleep nose to nose. They dream, much as humans do. Pigs are omnivores, which means that they consume both plants and animals. In the wild, they are foraging animals, primarily eating leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers, in addition to some insects and fish.

Fun Fact

• Pigs have an incredible memory - they can recognise areas and other pigs they were with up to 25 years ago. • Like humans, pigs are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and other animals. • A pig's snout is an important tool for finding food in the ground and sensing the world around them. • Pigs have an excellent sense of smell.