Meet Joy, she is one of our 3 donkeys here at the Farm Park and is Monty's mum. Joy is a female donkey, which is known as a Jenny. Joy can be a bit shy around people but still enjoys interacting with everybody that visits the farm.

Our donkeys eat a mix of hay and straw which they are given in a hay net every morning and evening. Our donkeys love their food and you will hear them making lots of noise braying at feeding time. They must also have a supply of fresh water at all times. Each of our donkeys have access to a woodchip turnout area during the day and you will often see them outside running around and rolling in the woodchip. Donkeys are sociable animals and so you can regularly see our donkeys interacting with each other over the fences.

Fun Facts:

A donkeys height is measured in hands from the bottom of their hooves to their withers. They can range from  7.3hh to 15.3hh.

Donkeys can live for over 50 years

Donkeys coats are not waterproof and so they will stay out of the rain as much as possible.