Height & Weight

The average Alpaca has an overall height of 39.0"-46.0" (3’3”-3’10”) | 99-117 cm, withers (shoulder) height of 32.0"-39.0" (2’8”-3’3”) | 81-99 cm, and body length of 48.0"-84.0" (4’-7’) | 122-213 cm. A typical Alpaca weighs between 45-68 lb | 100-175 kg and has a lifespan of roughly 15-25 years.

Sleep & Food

As herbivores, alpacas only eat vegetation. They eat mostly grass, but their diets can also include leaves wood, bark or stems. Alpacas like to sleep when they feel safe, ecspecially when another Alpaca is near by.

Fun Fact

• Alpacas are found in a variety of different colors including fawn, grey, brown, black, white, and many combinations of these. • Alpacas' average life span is 20 years. ... • Alpacas are relatively clean animals. ... • Alpacas don't usually spit. ... • Alpacas are usually safe to be around. ... • There are only two breeds of alpacas. ... • Alpacas cannot live alone. ... • Alpacas are vegetarian.