Wild West Week

Get Ready to Wrangle Fun at Wild West Week! Saddle up from Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th August for Sheriff showdowns, gold rush adventures, and cowboy card games galore at the farm!

Wild West Week Info

Wild West Week

From Saturday, 10th August to Sunday, 18th August

Yeehaw! Saddle up and head down to Attwell Farm Park for our Wild West Week! From Saturday, 10th August to Sunday, 18th August, immerse yourself in the wild and rugged Old West with a host of exciting activities and attractions.

Wild West Activities:

Sheriff and Deputy Meet & Greet:

Y'all better watch out fer the Sheriff and his trusty Deputy! Snap a photo with 'em against a mighty 20ft Wild West backdrop, complete with a life-size jail prop. It's a rootin' tootin' good time!

Wild West Hat Making Workshop:

Get yer creative juices flowin' at our hat-makin' craft workshop, supervised by a couple of friendly cowboys and cowgirls. Customize yer very own Wild West hat to take home and show off!

Panning for Gold:

Ever dream of strikin' it rich? Well, now's yer chance! Try yer hand at pannin' for gold with our cowboy/cowgirl supervisor. Find yerself 5 pieces of gold in the sand and win a shiny gold medal. Yeehaw!

Cactus Ring Toss Game:

Test yer aim with our cactus ring toss game, hosted by a cowboy or cowgirl. There's prizes awaitin' fer those with the sharpest aim!

Cowboy Card Game Dealer:

Step right up to the saloon and try yer luck at Texas Hold'em with our cowboy card game dealer. See if ya can outwit yer opponents in this classic Wild West card game.

Cowboy Horse Handler:

Giddy up, folks! Head on over to the stables and ride one of our hobby horses, guided by our cowboy horse handler. It's a rootin' tootin' ride, fer sure!

Animal Encounters:

Get up close and personal with our friendly farm critters. Take a leisurely stroll through our paddocks and barns, feed the playful goats, meet Obi the adorable baby foal, and cuddle up with the bunnies. Discover the fascinatin' world of bugsβ€”learn about their habitats, see 'em up close, and understand their vital role in our ecosystem. Enjoy the simple pleasure of feedin' our quackin' friends by the pond. With over 80 species of animals at the farm, you'll have plenty of fun and excitement.

Wild West Treasure Hunt:

Embark on an adventure around the farm to find Wild West-themed clues! Once ya've found 'em all, return to the ticket office to receive a sweet treat as a reward. Happy huntin'!

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