Due to the rapidly changing Covid 19 pandemic we've decided to close Attwell Farm Park until further notice.
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Hop Hop Easter Madness!

At Attwell Farm Park your children will love meeting all the animals, taking part in all the activities, enjoying our petting zoo and so much more including the indoor and outdoor play areas.

Of course there will be a hunt for our huge Easter eggs that will be hidden around the farm park. Find the clues, discover the Easter eggs and solve the Easter puzzle to get your own freshly laid chocolate Easter Egg!

Easter is perfect timing to see our new lambs too!

Online bookings cooming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we dress us for easter?

YES! We love when we get visits from little chicks and bunnies! Hop on down in all the fancy dress you like.

Do you have an easter egg hunt?

We sure do! Prizes are given out for the quickest time.

Can we see baby lambs?

Easter is the perfect time of the year for lambing.

Do I need to be a member?

No, you don’t need to be a member. Member’s do however get early access to ticket bookings.

Can I organise a school visit during easter?

Of course – we’d be delighted to host your class of bunnies at easter or any time of the year.

Do I need to book in advance?

Due to demand, we request that anyone looking to join us for easter to book well in advance as tickets sell quickly.

Is the rest of the Farm Park open duruing easter?

Yes, even though we have themed events throughout the year – all the usual areas of Attwell Farm Park are available for you to visit.