Due to the rapidly changing Covid 19 pandemic we've decided to close Attwell Farm Park until further notice.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have exclusive use of your party room?

Yes! We only host one event booking a time. The special birthday person and their guests will have exclusive use of our party room.

Can I use my membership to gain access?

Sure! If you’re an Attwell Farm Member you can use your membership to attend a party without having to pay an entrance fee.

How many people can attend a party?

We have a limit of 30 children at any one event, with a maximum of 50 guests total.

Can I organise a joint party with a friend to split the cost?

Of course you can! You’d still be limited to 50 total guests, but having to parties in one is all the more fun and you can save on the costs.

What do you supply?

All birthday parties include …….

When can I book Santa's Grotto?

We start taking bookings for santa’s grotto from 1st October. Bookings fill up extremely fast so book as early as you can to avoid dissapointment.

How can I make changes to my booking?

You can log into your account online and amend your booking via your profile. If you’d prefer, you can also email us but this process is a little slower.